From Spacewar to Custom Controllers for PS4 and Xbox One – Historical Overview of Gaming Controllers2

From Spacewar to Custom Controllers for PS4 and Xbox One – Historical Overview of Gaming Controllers2

October 3, 2018

Before moving on to the games and custom controllers, let’s briefly analyze the era of 1960. An era, when one of Sander Associates Inc Engr Ralph Baer began to investigate how to play games on television.  Saying that current gaming industry owes much to Baer and his colleagues Bull Harrison and Bill Rusch won’t be wrong at all.Let’s take a look at smooth yet beautiful journey of gaming consoles that once started from Brown Box and now are in its latest form of Xbox and Playstation

Going further these were the efforts of these colleagues that gave us the splendid gift in the form of Brown Box, first ever multiplayer video game test unit. Long story short is, the era then started evolving and we starting seeing innovations to it.


From Spacewar to Custom PS4 and Xbox One Controllers – Historical Overview of Gaming Controllers


1962 An Era of Spacewar and PDP


Turning back the gaming history chapters we get to know Spacewar holds the batch for being first video game. Rather than going to a detail that how two block spaceships were controlled by flicking eight switches up and down, standing next to each other was the worst thing that asked creators to add a small detachable device to the setup. custom controllers would not be something you could imagine back then!


Arcades An Era of 1970s


We remember how prolonged standing on arcades caused us a serious discomfort. But who cares for those discomforts when you are all busy to shake all your booty with the controllers. And don’t forget the zest of pressing either all four buttons to get a combo.  Controllers used in arcade ranged from joysticks to paddles to big plastic guns.


Atari and Pong An Era of 1975


Saying that Atari Sears Tele Games Pong System was the first successful at home controller won’t e wrong. However, people who wanted to play game other than pong didn’t like idea very much as they were deprived from this.


1990 – Nintendo- Inspiration from Miniature Calculators


Does your controller have D-pad in it? It should. Ever since, Nintendo came up with d-pad concept it became so popular that everyone adopted it.


1998 Sony PlayStation Dual-Shock


Controllers that looked like spaceships by 1995 then evolved in the form of dual –shocks. Facilitating player with the features like rumble-packs, two joysticks and a d-pad, these were the controllers that let players enjoy the number of input possibilities.


From Sitting and Standing to Having Movements Nintendo WII AN Era of 2006


Simple in its appearance yet highly sophisticated, Nintendo’s WII were the controllers that first came up with the idea of motion sensing rather than having that joystick or d-pads. The way these used to involved players within game got much appreciation.


Xbox Kinect 2010


When it comes to motion sensing then Xbox’s Kinect is the optimal thing that’s there in the market. Getting you rid of holding a physical device, it allow players to setup sensor on a flat surface, sensor then detects all the appearance and movements. Unlike past, kinects have now been developed much more.


Custom Ps4 and Xbox One Controllers


Kinect of Xbox weren’t the end of gaming.  Enthusiasts of gaming in USA then came up with the rising wave of custom Ps4 and Xbox One Controllers. Now 10 out of every 500 gaming enthusiasts in USA are more inclined to have their own customized controllers. And by customizing, we aren’t referring only to have buttons either on left or right, by custom controllers, we mean gaming zealots are now even looking to have their custom lines or images on these as well.


What’s More?


Long story short, gaming industry has evolved way more in these 5 decades. Be it D-pads, or motion sensors, the advanced technological improvements will keep on bringing latest things in it. And Dream Controllers being Specialized Custom PS4 and Xbox One Controller Maker in USA will keep holding the badge to adopt these changes while adding up it’s own flare in it too.

What kind of mods and customisation can you have?