Let’s take a Look at Evolution of Modded Custom PS4 Controllers in Gaming Industry

Let’s take a Look at Evolution of Modded Custom PS4 Controllers in Gaming Industry

October 3, 2018

Turning the leaves of gaming history tells us one thing for sure. It tells us gaming and the love for gaming dates back to 3-4 decades old. And saying that customized controllers have added much more to them won’t be wrong. Whenever, we admit the popularity of games then undenial evolution of modded custom ps4 controllers have played a significant role.

Long story short is, controllers have been there and these will keep adding more. So, without going much more into ifs and then let’s have a historical review on the evolution of Controllers in general and the evolution of Modded custom ps4 controllers.


Let’s take a Look at Evolution of Modded PS4 Controller in Gaming Industry


Galaxy Games

One of the first coin operated games. In the era of 1971 gaming zealots used to love their needle and wedge. Though galaxy game enjoyed a very short span of 8 years to be the part of market. This game, however, used to be a great source of socialization.

Dial Your Turn With Pong’s Poteniometer

Call it pong’s potentiometer or more than that but playing game with those two round buttons used to be a real fun. Despite of it’s simplicity, pong’s potentiometer remained a great source of fun and entertainment.

An Era Then Took over by Attarti Paddles

Coming along an early era of 70’s and not knowing Attari paddles? You either don’t love games very much or not sure how to spend quality time. Anyhow, looking much like pong controllers, attari’s handheld paddles remained another breakthrough for gaming zealots.

Colecovision – The Addition of Buttons to Console

Colecovision is yet another step that gaming industry has taken before evolving modded custom ps4 controllers. As a matter of fact, it was an era when games started to ramp up in complexity. And thus it was an era, when controllers started getting lots of buttons.

NES- The Addition of D-Pad

Let’s owe our gratitude to NES for introducing D-Pad for the first time. These were the first controllers ever that came with the D-Pads used for gaming. Another contribution made by NES was the scaling of buttons. The number of buttons used in Colecovision were way much.

Nintendo 64 – Rumble Pak, Extension Port and Much More

Saying that Nintendo 64 provided a solid base to the world 3D gaming won’t be wrong. Unique shape, rumble pak, extension port, triggers button and multiple colors are the greatest contribution of N64.

PlayStation Dual Shock

This is when the gaming industry took a sheer upturn. According to gaming experts, these controllers have revealed some of the greatest ergonomics ever seen.

Never Ending Battle of PlayStation and Xbox One

Evolution of modded custom ps4 controllers isn’t the only evolution. Over the span of 35 years or more, gaming industry has been witnessing dense competition. On some instances, this is coming in the form of Atari Paddles, whereas in some cases, coming as Zappers. Things will keep evolving to entice game lovers and to fill their appetite.

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