The Best Alternative Custom Controller For Your Gaming Needs

The Best Alternative Custom Controller For Your Gaming Needs

April 16, 2019

Need a custom controller ? Have you ever been playing a video game and just wish that your controller’s trigger was a bit quicker?  Or your directional pad to be a bit more precise? In this post, I will be going over the best alternative controllers for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming systems. Some of these controllers are more for certain types of game play but if you’re tired of your default controller, here are some great alternatives.

First I will start with Xbox One because let’s face it, I am a bit biased. Now, before I begin my list, I want to warn everyone that these controllers are all over the place price-wise but I will mention if it’s ridiculous or not and worthy of a custom controller change or not.

I will begin my list with the pretty well-known Xbox One Elite controller. If you are looking for an overall tweak of finer details, this is a standard controller to go for. This gives you a competitive edge when it comes to online game play with its hair trigger locks and additional paddles on the back for more control options. Another advantage is its grippy texture from its black and chrome finish.  Unfortunately it is a bit on the expensive side, at $150, but it has fully interchangeable control sticks and D-pad and can be used with a wireless or wired connection.

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The last Xbox One controller I am suggesting is the Xbox One Recon Tech Controller.  This controller features a different take on gaming. Its” military inspired” technology makes this controller a bit different from the rest.  It has slightly different aesthetics and innards and has a variety of different variants. The Xbox One Recon has twice the wireless range and Bluetooth capabilities which make it easy to connect to PC, Mac, and tablets. In addition, it has a nice textured diamond rubberized grip on the back and can be found with a fancy gold accent on the front, depending on where you look. The kicker about this controller is you can find this for around $70! Fascinating!

The last recommended alternative Xbox One controller I have for you is the Razer Wolverine Ultimate. This controller features interchangeable thumbsticks and Dpad as well as an efficient, mutli-function button layout for ideal control. It features two remappable multi-Function bumpers and four multi-Function triggers. The Razer Wolverine also features hair-trigger mode with trigger stops for super quick responses. Another cool feature is its chroma lighting and a quick control panel for easy access. And last but not least, this controller is compatible with Xbox One and PC but is a bit expensive at $150.  Seems like this controller maybe worth it for those of you who are pretty serious about getting a leg up in competition games.

I hope you find our Xbox One controller list helpful in your alternative gaming needs and search for a custom controller. Next I will be looking at our PlayStation 4 alternative controllers and will start with the Razer Raiju. This controller is best for the aspiring pros; those of you who take gaming a bit more seriously then some others. It is a bit more substantial then the standard DualShock 4 and the thumbsticks are incredibly responsive.  It features four mappable buttons with two on the underside and two next to the shoulder buttons. It isn’t one of the cheapest controllers, being that it goes fr $132.99, but its a bit of an upgrade and could be a nice alternative.

Next I will look at the Nacon Revolution Pro and Pro 2.  Depending on which edition you choose to purchase, the cost is between $90 and $120.  This isn’t horrible and might be worth the extra money.  The Nacon Revolution has a similar layout to the Xbox One controllers.  It has chunky buttons and a floating Dpad and has mappable buttons. This controller is pretty responsive and has interchangeable buttons which is pretty useful.  Its last feature is its matte finish which makes it easy to grip.

A cheaper controller that is more geared toward fighting games is the Hori Fighting Commander.  It has the R1 and R2 buttons on the front of the controller and has a similar configuration to the Sega Genesis. The super cool thing about this controller is its additional shoulder buttons and toggle switch that make the directional pad function like an analog stick and turbo button and it is compatible with PC and PS3!  This controller is super cool and pretty cheap as well.

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Now, our last alternative controller isn’t all that popular but very much used when it comes to competitive gaming, like Evo events. The Hit Box is very similar appearance to a fightstick but only contains buttons on its top and sides. It is best for fighting games and pulling off hard combination moves with ease. The Hit Box is also compatible with PC! The downside is that these controllers are pretty expensive but if you are serious and appreciate this old school style of gaming, this is your controller.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and hope this was somewhat useful!  Check out my next post next month and see what else I have in store! Let us know how you get on with your search for a custom controller.

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