What Do We Want From The 2020 Call Of Duty?

What Do We Want From The 2020 Call Of Duty?

August 25, 2019

Ready to begin a controller custom journey? Call Of Duty remains one of the biggest video game franchises ever 16 years after its debut. Aside from when Rockstar releases a new Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption, it is always the highest selling game of every year and while there has been some burnout for fans of the series, it still receives generally positive reviews almost every year. Earlier in 2019, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare was announced to be a reboot of the Modern Warfare trilogy that revolutionized the first-person shooter genre. Reports began appearing afterwards that Sledgehammer, who developed the Advanced Warfare and WWII games would not be taking their turn and releasing the Call Of Duty game in 2020. This has pointed to Treyarch releasing the next game, heavily rumored to be another Black Ops game following the fourth installment releasing in 2018. What exactly do we want from another Black Ops game though?

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A Reboot?

Youtuber LongSensation is the one who leaked that the 2019 Call Of Duty would be called Modern Warfare and is a reliable source for Call Of Duty information. In early August, he posted the following on his Twitter:

Call of Duty 2020 has been under 2 names thus far.

Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops V

Set during the Cold War. Spans the entire 40+ years and incs Vietnam and Korean War. Described as even more gritty and gruesome than Modern Warfare.

I’m not joking.

What is interesting there is the reference that the next Black Ops could ditch the number scheme completely. Through the four Black Ops games already released, the first two stayed on similar story paths. The third one took a big leap away from that storyline with only few references to the previous games, and the fourth completely ditched a story all together. Rebooting the series would make a lot of sense if Treyarch wants to bring a campaign mode back into the fray with the game being set back in the Cold War days for the first time since the first Black Ops.

Story And Blackout

Image from Activision

One of the most discussed issues with Black Ops IV is the fact that it has no campaign of any kind in it. Supposedly, the campaign was cut to put more time into the game’s battle royale mode called Blackout. Would Treyarch continue work on whatever story they were working on before it was cut? If the game is not a reboot, how would it relate to the other entries in the series? Black Ops is well known for jumping around in time from the Cold War to the 2050’s.

As for Blackout, a new version of the game could (and should) find its way to the next Black Ops game. Since its release, Blackout has been one of the main areas Treyarch has put their focus to besides the normal multiplayer that every Call Of Duty receives. It has been so popular that it has leapfrogged the popular Zombies mode in terms of content and attention. The same map will not cut it for a new game in the series though. Something new will need to be brought up or they can expand on something like the Alcatraz map that sees the battle royale take place on a much smaller island. Regardless, things will need to be different to make the purchase worth the investment.

Zombies + Controller Custom for you

PlayStation 4 controller custom for Call of Duty?
Image from Activision

As mentioned in the previous spot, Zombies has kind of been left behind in terms of attention from Treyarch when it is compared to the multiplayer and Blackout. Of course, at least it is still in the game unlike campaign, but the Zombies community largely has felt left out for Black Ops IV’s lifeline. Part of this feeling might be coming from Treyarch attempting to end the very popular Aether storyline while attempting to bring up a new Chaos storyline. Add-ons and zombie content has felt very inconsistent and taken a step back in quality from previous games in the series. The Aether storyline has only received remakes of older maps with very few new additions to the content. As it stands now, Aether Zombies is a glorified remaster of the previous zombie maps.

Zombies in Black Ops V will need more directed attention to give it the kind of impact it has had in the past. Either commit to a single storyline, or make maps with an emphasis of being fun. Treyarch Zombies in the past have become complicated story-wise just for the means of being complicated. Maybe taking a step back could bring some much needed quality back to the experience.


Image from Activision

Multiplayer will always be the main draw of a Call Of Duty game. Sure, the campaign, battle royale, and zombies are a good time if you are interested in those aspects, but multiplayer has been the selling point of Call Of Duty since the first Modern Warfare game. If Black Ops V really does make a return back to the Cold War era, how much different will the game be from the first Black Ops? Many guns from that game could potentially make their comeback after being in storage for so long, but what new stuff would be included? Also, kill streaks were in much smaller supply back in those days, so would Treyarch cut down them to go back to a simpler game? The Modern Warfare reboot is ditching score streaks in favor of kill streaks again, would Treyarch do the same even though they are the ones to introduce score streaks in Black Ops II?

There are plenty of questions surrounding the multiplayer for last year. Black Ops V is going to need to do enough to make itself stand out from the original Black Ops if it is going to feel like more than a remaster, but still hit that Call Of Duty magic.